Wheel Repair- ProSMART Paint Facility

A family owned automotive wheel repair business in Melbourne was upgrading their workshop. The factory is very old and only about 8 metres wide. It was very challenging designing a layout that could accommodate their workflow of preparation, painting and drying. They approached Process Finishing Solutions because other companies only wanted to sell them their standard automotive spray booths. We designed a dedicated heated Contractor spraybooth which was internally divided into 3 workstations; each station accommodating 4 wheels. When the wheels are finished they are placed onto a trolley which manually travels directly into a ProCAT catalytic gas IR oven which fully cures the wheels in 8 minutes. The facility also has a dedicated PrepSMART preparation bay with 4 wheel jigs allowing full rotation while sanding the wheels. The installation also included a fully ventilated ProMIX paint room, screw compressor, Infinity aluminium airlines and some special wash down benches for wet rubbing the wheels. The facility is capable of handling over 100 wheels per day with one spray booth and one oven.

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