Case Study - Chemical Plant - Dust Extraction

Process Finishing Solutions was commissioned to design a new plant for a large chemical company. The company which produces pesticides and herbicides produces large amounts of dust in the manufacturing process. The process not only produces large amounts of dust in short bursts but also small amounts continually which means the operators are always required to wear bulky and uncomfortable PPE equipment. After much consultation with plant engineers and chemists we were able to design a complete process plant incorporating six large PrepSMART preparation rooms with fresh air ventilation and extraction through pre-filters then final HEPA filters.

The extraction in the rooms can be manually controlled by the operator so fans can be ramped up to full speed for some processes and left on idle for times when dust is not an issue. Five of the rooms will have major dust extraction through an Extractor 18.5kW Reverse Flow Filter Unit. This unit is driven by a VFD and automatically maintains constant extraction over twenty extraction points. All of the fans have been designed to run at low noise levels to maintain operator comfort throughout the day.

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