Powder Coating

Process Finishing Solutions offer a complete range of powder coating equipment for all types of industry; from manual application equipment up to fully automated production lines with infra-red curing ovens that can operate at over 3m/min.

We can supply full turnkey systems including all sections of production such as pre-treatment, powder guns, reciprocators, powder recovery, curing ovens and conveyors. 

The cornerstone to powder coating is product movement through the workshop. Visit our NikoTRACK section for design ideas, track layouts, downloads and videos.

The PrepSMART range covers all aspects of pre-treatment including stainless steel Pre-treatment tunnels and dip tank systems.

Visit the STR TekNIK page for details on application equipment or our TechSTAT page for our powder booth range, Extractor dust extraction systems can accommodate all powder collection and recovery. 

For the ultimate in fast curing ProCAT Catalytic gas Infra-red systems offer ramp-up ovens or cure ovens.

For our standard range of powder coating ovens check out our DryCON page.

Of course if you're looking to take the ultimate step up in automated powder application look at the CMA Robotics page.

For more information follow the links below or contact our sales team on 1 300 886 122.

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