Ovens & Dryers

Process Finishing Solutions are experts in the field of curing and drying applications.

Our catalytic gas ProCAT range of infra-red systems can be used in almost any industry or application. ProCAT systems is a must for fast and efficient product curing.

Our DryCON range of convection ovens are usually suited to the curing of powders in the powder coating industry or batch ovens that may be used in the furniture or timber industry.

Our Technician and Contractor range of spray booths can also have bake cycles added to act as a low bake batch oven for vehicles, furniture, timber doors, alloy wheels etc.

If you're after some portable drying units then we can offer mobile infra-red lamps or check out the Lihtan UV-A page if you're using UV paints and primers.

Contact our sales staff on 1300 886 122 for advice on which oven or dryer might suit your application.

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