Case Study - Drive Train Manufacturer - ProSMART Production Line

A large OEM manufacturer of heavy vehicle axles and driveshafts had been outsourcing the manufacture of some of the drive trains and needed to change to an in-house operation. With a limited budget and limited work area Process Finishing Solutions designed a complete treatment and finishing system which integrated with the final stages of the manufacturing process. The system includes a PrepSMART Pre-treatment plant, Contractor spraybooth, ProMIX paint room and is all integrated with a 24 series Nikotrack overhead conveyor. With space at a premium and the previous station handling the drive trains in a horizontal position we were able to change the flow by utilising a Niko Droplift unit. The drive trains are picked up by the Droplift which connects directly to the conveyor so the shafts can travel through the system vertically. We also developed a unique automatic spray painting system which senses the length of the shaft by laser and is operated by a Metalwork Pneumatics linear actuator. The system only requires one person to load and unload and only takes up an area of approximately 70m2. .

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