Case Study - Collision Repair - ProSMART Paint Facility

A long time client approached us to design and build a second repair shop for his collision repair business. The build included designing the layout to accommodate all the equipment required but also to maintain a smooth workflow through the building which is only about 14mt wide. A challenge for an efficient collision repairer.

A full downdraught PrepSMART prep bay was specially designed to allow maximum space which also included our S.A.V.E. power saving technology. The large Technician spray booth suitable for painting water base paints and fitted with our proprietary ProSMART LED lights (over 2000 lux throughout the cabin) was installed against the rear wall which was designed to allow maintenance access to the air handling unit.

The installation also included a ProMIX paint room and compressor with Infinity aluminium airline fitted throughout the shop. We were also able to include a spray out booth, gun wash area and inspection bay to finish off a prestige installation.

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