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QuickCAT - Catalytic Gas Infra-Red Systems

QuickCAT - Catalytic Gas Infra-Red Systems


QuickCAT catalytic gas infra-red sytems are used in a variety of industries from paint and powder curing to thermoplastics and from offshore drilling rigs to petroleum refineries.

QuickCAT infra-red systems are explosion proof long wave infra-red emitters that convert Natural Gas or LPG into Infra-red energy by way of converting the gas molecules through a catalyst pad.

Long wave infra-red energy is an extremely efficient way of heating most organic compounds. Products such as paint and powder for example absorb more of  the long-wave infra-red energy rather than let it transfer to the substrate as short wave energy does. This means QuickCAT ovens can dry any product whether it's made of 10mm steel or 1mm plastic usually twice as fast and half the cost of convection systems.

Our new QuickCAT Bumper Batch oven used in the automotive industry operates at under $2 per hour (gas & electricity) and can cure up to 12 parts per hour.

QuickCAT infra-red systems are custom built to your requirements and can be used in  Zone 1 hazardous areas.

QuickCAT ovens can be used in applications such as Paint Drying, Powder Curing, Workshop Heating, Anti-freezing of industrial gas lines, Pet food drying and many more applications.

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