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PrepSMART - Preparation Bays

PrepSMART - Preparation Bays

PrepSMART preparation bays are essential for the modern day workshop keeping dust and fumes entrapped and keeping the general workshop clean and safe.

PrepSMART Prep bays now come with Smart Adaptive Ventilation & Extraction (SAVE) as an optional extra.  The SAVE system has been developed by Process Finishing Solutions and controls the extraction fans (or supply fans if fitted) so they are only operating when you need them. If the operator is simply masking a car or wet sanding the fans will operate at the minimum setting or even turn off if no compressed air has been used for a designated time. 

As soon as an air tool is used the fans will ramp up to full speed for as long as required.

SAVE can reduce running costs significantly, you only pay for the energy when required.

PrepSMART prep bays have excellent lighting and extraction fans run efficiently and quietly offering extreme operator comfort. 

PrepSMART Automotive preparation bays come with a built in tool cupboard to help keep the area unclutered.

PrepSMART preparation bays are available in a multitude of configurations to suit any workshop situation. Whether you're in the automotive, industrial or furniture industry we can design one for yor needs.  They can be designed as open areas to semi enclosed with supply air or for the industrial market have sound attenuated walls to reduce noise levels.

If you're a high production vehicle repair facility ask us about the new QuickCAT Infra-red Bumper Batch oven to compliment your prep bay and how it can increase your production and reduce running costs.