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Ancillary Products


Plumbing & Reticulation Services

Process FInishing Solutions has many years experience in the reticulation of pipework for services. Whether you require airlines throughout your factory, gas lines to your spray booth or paint fluid lines to your painting robot we have the knowledge and the technicians at hand.

Water Treatment

We can offer a full range of chemicals to treat your waste water for all commercial and industrial industries. 


Process Finishing Solutions has always been involved with pneumatics and offer a full range of quality industrial compressors and refrigerated dryers.

Infra-Red Curing Lamps

As well as our QuickCAT range of catalytic gas infra-red we also stock short wave heat lamps in both mobile and overhead track systems. 

Panel Shop Accessories

We have access to many products for the smash repair industry such as scissor lifts, parts trolleys, panel stands and much more..

Breathing Air Respirators

Ask our sales staff for the right information regarding breathing air masks and filtration. We can also organise breathing air tests for your workshop if required.

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